The Future of Travel Payments in the US

Technology has altered the way travellers interact with travel providers. There’s been a move away from the one-off, desktop driven conversation at the time of booking towards interaction that goes on before, during and after the vacation.

This presents an opportunity for travel providers. They can increase their share of a customer’s vacation budget, thanks to the access modern-day travellers have to relevant information through their cells, tablets and wearables.

A one-click payment solution can provide a seamless payment experience. Travel companies should also think about storing their customers’ payment details as part of that traveller’s user profile. This means your budding vacationer has no need to enter his or her information every time – and they can happily book additional trips or upgrades as they holiday.

Itineraries can change quickly on trips, which can make things complicated as travellers request refunds or cancellations. Travel companies need to manage this and have a clear process in place for changes.

Because so many people are booking via their cell phone or tablet, websites need to be responsive. Hosted payment pages and client-side encryption are other necessities. Travel providers should evolve, and ensure they offer a reliable, omnichannel payment solution for today’s intrepid travellers.



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