State-of-the-art technology combined with computerized production facilities allow Asahi Seiko to lead the way into the new business era.

Utilizing advanced computerization, Asahi Seiko will input your order into our order system in Tokyo and is instantly accessible on-line to our offices and factories in Japan, as well as our offices in the United States and United Kingdom.

Any department, sales, distribution or production, has immediate access to accurately track your order. Your order is reviewed, production is scheduled (based on inventory), and then is released to our production line. Asahi Seiko is proud of its advanced order fulfillment system that ensures the consistent high quality of parts and mechanisms for all of our coin and card handling products.

This culture of teamwork through all sections of Asahi Seiko promises you, the customer, the best in service and performance from the recognized industry leader.

Quick Response supported by Global Experience and Total Solutions

The Asahi Seiko product range has been widely adopted and utilized in various industries including ATM, Self-Service Kiosks, Vending and Amusement. We are particularly strong in the Amusement industry where we enjoy primary market share.

This achievement is supported by the exchange of detailed information between the head office, factories and the overseas offices in the USA and U.K.  As a result of the rapid use of information gathered during daily sales activities and at exhibitions we are able to offer a quick response to customer needs and customer-oriented product development.

Being one of the largest manufacturers of coin and card handling equipment does not mean that Asahi Seiko only cares about the big order from the big customers. Every customer is important to us…from the single operator to the multi-national corporation. Our technical staff assists all customers with their experience and industry knowledge to design products to their exclusive needs.


State-of-the-Art Technology forms industry leadership.

Information gathered from our customers help us in planning strategy for industry trends and future applications. Advances in technology will give Asahi Seiko new opportunities to serve our customers even better going into the next century.

Asahi Seiko’s Research and Development Team anticipates the needs of a changing market.

Functionality, economics and durability are the spirits that drive Asahi Seiko to be on the cutting edge of research and development of products for the future. When the market demands new and innovative devices, we will be there to meet those demands with computerized design programs and a highly trained development team. We can now seamlessly integrate design and production into the most effective and efficient delivery system of mechanisms in the world.

Independent Quality Control Management improves production and reduces production costs.

Quality control of product is our number one priority at Asahi Seiko. It starts in product development, through the manufacturing process, and finally to our shipping and receiving service. An independent Quality Control Management department reinforces this pledge to quality.

Inspection equipment such as coordinate measuring machines (CMM) operating in a temperature controlled environment is combined with regular inspections to insure a high level of quality assurance.

Excellent Product through Strict Quality Control

Our production line is enriched with our own ideas and creative ingenuity. We strive to provide products at a lower cost to the consumer. These products are increasingly being adopted by the Banking and Distribution industries because of their high standard of quality.

This method of quality assurance significantly contributes to the high performance and low cost of Asahi Seiko products. A policy of continuous improvement in quality assures our customers that they received the best machines at the lowest possible cost.

Precision-oriented markets such as ticket vending and automated teller machines have integrated Asahi Seiko products into their units because we are able to deliver the accuracy and reliability they demand.


An advanced on-line information system and state-of-the-art robotics gives the Asahi Seiko production line the edge in technological improvements.

An on-line information network system between our head office in Tokyo and our plants in Saitama and Tochigi ensures total control of production information from order placement to shipping of product.

The information obtained in the marketplace is quickly transmitted to each factory to be utilized for the production line. This gives Asahi Seiko a faster response time to customer needs and to have their product how and when they want it.

The Iwatsuki factory in Saitama is integrated with the FA system to closely watch all processes from product assembly, to inspection, to packaging and finally through shipment. The Kitsuregawa factory in Tochigi, built in 1998, introduced advanced robotics to the production line, which has drastically reduced lead-time for new products.

These innovative systems have greatly improved the customer response time which is why Asahi Seiko continues to maintain its reputation of consistent product quality.

Global Application

The activities of Asahi Seiko are not restricted to the Japanese market, but extend to over 60 countries around the world. The idea of not merely introducing the expertise and technology of our products to a country, but producing products which are most suited to that country is the foundation of our activities around the world.

Asahi Seiko’s tradition of excellence in Japan results in an extended network of supply and technical agreements.

In our continuing quest for technical improvements, Technical Assistance Agreements have been made with leading companies in the United Kingdom and Germany. Patent rights not only in Japan, but also in the United States and many other countries protect us.

Customers all over the world have high praise for our products saying “Coin handling? Insist on Asahi Seiko!” We have always tried to bring products to the market that best suit the needs of that market and will continue our efforts to succeed in that pursuit.