Laundromats: Simplifying The Lives of Millions

Laundromats have a well-established history. They sprang to prominence in the 1940s, modernizing and simplifying the lives of millions with the washing solutions they provided. Today, the industry provides almost 40,000 people with a job and is worth $3 billion a year.

Washing machines and what people look for from their laundromat may have changed over the years, but the goal is still the same—efficient washing solutions that are easy to use and make it worthwhile for someone to outsource their laundry.

Coin mechanisms and card vending need to work well to keep the laundromat’s business running smoothly. Laundromats in the US typically use the Asahi-Seiko CD-200s and CD-1000’s to manage payments and issue reusable cards, useful for private and campus laundromats, and we have provided these solutions for many years.

We offer a number of state-of-the-art vending solutions for laundromats, including coin hoppers, compact hoppers and smart card readers. Please contact us on 1(800) 859-5353 or to find out more.

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