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SH-400 Mini Coin Hopper

Known for its reliability & performance, the SH-400 features the ability to adjust for coin thickness which virtually eliminates coin jams due to bent coins.


  • Accommodates Changes in Coin or Coin Imperfections
  • The hopper incorporates a cam lever designed to easily allow adjustment to the disk for the appropriate coin thickness. The coin disk is removable to enable conversions from different coin diameters and thickness.
  • Reliability
  • With the automatic DC motor brake and jam reverse mechanism it allows for stable pay out and reduces coin jam.
  • Service Friendly
  • The anti-static hopper bowl is easily detached to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.
  • Small Hopper Large Capacity
  • This ultra compact hopper will hold 400 US quarters and with the option of the bowl extension you increase the capacity to 1,000 US quarters.


Applicable Coin Sizes: Diameter: 16.6mm - 29.0mm | Thickness: 1.4mm - 3.1mm
Coin Capacity (Std. Bowl): US 25¢: 400 coins | 1,000 coins with extended bowl
Dispensing Speed: 6 pieces +/second (varies depending upon the coin)
Coin Counting Method: Proximity Sensor (SH-400-P) or Optic Sensor (SH-400)
Motor Voltage: Dedicated Control Board, 24VDC + 10% -0 (ripple voltage to be 10mV or less)
Continuous Operation: 10 Minutes Max
Operational Current: 230mA
Current: 0.9 A
Conditions In Use: a) Atmospheric Temperature: -10° C ~ 50° C b) Atmospheric Humidity: 15 ~ 85% RH w/o condensation c) Position: Upright or 2° thereof
Insulation Resistance: 10M ohm at 500VDC between terminals must not create any problems with impression of 500VAC (60hz) between the terminals for 60 seconds.
Mechanical Life Time: 2,000,000 count
Weight: 1.1kg
Standard Chassis disc 20mm – 27.5mm

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