CD-1000 Debit-Credit Card Dispenser

The CD-1000 is designed to dispense cards the size of Debit/Credit cards but can accommodate a larger capacity than the CD-200. The CD card dispenser series covers a diverse range of applications from plastic telephone cards and paper debit cards to pull-tab, break-open style tickets and scratch cards.


  • Large Dispenser for Paper & polyester credit-card sized cards and tickets.
  • Capacity -1000 cards approximately; varies according to its composition.
  • Compact construction, easy control and an innovative mechanism make the CD-1000 ideal for any application that demands error-free dispensing. These dispensers have an excellent reputation for high quality and reliability throughout the world. Used in a variety of applications including Transportation, Gaming and Telecommunications.

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Applicable Card Sizes: Debit / Credit Cards (Cards with embossed characters cannot be dispensed) 52mm (min) ~ 56mm (max) x 79mm (min) ~ 89mm (max)
Thickness: 0.25mm ~ 0.75mm
Card Capacity: Holds approximately 1000 Cards; varies according to thickness.
Dispensing Speed: 2 seconds per card. Available upon request: High speed dispensing (approx. 1.2 seconds per card)
Supply Voltage Options: 12VDC or 24VDC +/- 10%
Current Consumption: Operational – 1.50A (peak)
Operating Temperature: -10° C ~ 40° C with 30%-90% humidity
Dimensions: 445.4mm (H) x 155mm (D) x 93.2mm (W)
Weight: 5.29lbs