The SK-595 provides a new version of the compact hopper with extended capacity. Standing only 6” high, the SK-595 provides the coin capacity previously provided only by large hoppers.


  • Compact With Large Capacity!
  • Impressively compact, standing only 150mm in height, the SK-595 holds 500 US quarters. This was obtainable by subtracting the coin exit chute utilized on the NH and WH Series and employing a more compact motor.
  • Convenience
  • A compact hopper for the market; easily converted in the field. The hopper bowl can be detached for easy maintenance by simply pressing the bowl release and turning the bowl counterclockwise. Removing the bowl allows easy access to the disc area. The disc can then be exchanged with the minimal use of tools.
  • Quality Assurance
  • As with all our products we have obtained a standard of quality and reliability unsurpassed by our competitors. We have incorporated a security noiseless motor, photo-optic sensor and our disc system permits stable pay out, reducing coin jams. To further the life of the motor and assist in clearing coin jams, we have improved our special made noiseless motor.
  • Sintered Metal Disc
  • To increase durability, our disc is made from sintered metal for long life coin dispensing.

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Applicable Coin Sizes: Diameter: 19.0mm ~ 27.0mm | Thickness: 1.3mm ~ 2.3mm
Dispensing Speed: Approx. 400 coins/minute (Dispensing speed may vary depending on motor gearbox deceleration ratio, or coin specifications)
Coin Capacity: 5¢ (21.2mm diameter): 650 coins | 25¢ (24.3mm diameter): 500 coins
Coin Counting Method: Optical Sensor
Motor Voltage: 24VDC±10%
Motor Rating: 5mins
Current Consumption: 1.5Amp (3.5Amp – Peak)
Operating Temperature: 10°C ~ =50°C
Weight: Approx. 2.03 lbs