The SH-400 Meets Every Demanding Requirement

In previous blog we discussed how coin-operated games are far more intelligent these days, as the industry sees a resurgence in arcade amusements popularity.

Thankfully though, our SH-400 Ultra Compact Hopper is available in multiple versions to meet every demanding requirement of the amusement industry.

Known for its reliability and performance, the SH-400 features the ability to adjust for coin thickness which virtually eliminates coin jams due to bent coins – a must have feature when you consider the average level of arcade footfall and the demand for speedy transactions.

Even though the SH-400 is an ultra compact hopper to save on space, it will still hold 400 US quarters with the option of a bowl extension to increase the capacity to 1,000 US quarters.

Other benefits include:

  • Opto/Proximity Sensors and interfaces are the Asahi Seiko standard.
  • A flexible disc version is available and can be used to accommodate most coins without the need for multiple parts.
  • Easy bowl removal for optimal cleaning/maintenance to keep your run time longer and more efficient.
  • Available extension heads for increased capacity to meet your demands without sacrificing performance or reliability.
  • With an automatic DC motor brake and jam reverse mechanism it allows for stable pay out and reduces coin jam for optimal reliability.
  • With an incorporated cam lever it is designed to easily allow adjustment to the disk to accommodate changes in coin size or coin imperfections without trouble.

The Asahi Seiko SH-400 is the leading hopper for amusement needs used widely by arcades. Interested? Contact Us.

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