Self Service Kiosks | KWM-4520 & 4550 Escrows

KWM-4520 & 4550 Escrows

The KWM-4520 escrow reserves and distributes coins. Coins of multiple or single denomination are temporarily stored; then by instruction from a control circuit within the host machine, are distributed either back to the originator or to the hopper. Available for a broad range of applications. See more details below.


  • These models are suited for any application where multiple coin/multiple denomination acceptance is required to procure the service of the machine, such as pay phones or transportation fare collection, cigarette or package vending machines.
  • As coins are validated by the selector they are temporarily held in the reserve portion of the escrow unit.
  • From a control circuit within the host machine, a signal is sent to the KWM-4520/4550 instructing it to distribute coins to either the cash box (stock) or return to the originator (return).


Capacity: KWM-4520: 10pcs (US 25¢) | KWM-4550: 10pcs (US 25¢)
Distribution Method: DC solenoid
Distribution Directions: Right & Left
Voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC
Current: 510mA (12VDC), 310mA (24VDC)
Position in Use: Upright or within 2° in any direction
Weight (approximate): 1.65lbs.

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