In previous blog we discussed how coin-operated games are far more intelligent these days, as the industry sees a resurgence in arcade amusements popularity. Thankfully though, our SH-400 Ultra Compact Hopper is available in multiple versions to meet every demanding requirement of the amusement industry. Known for its reliability and performance, the SH-400 features the […] Read More

Handling your cash so you can focus on growing your business. Our sophisticated range of coin recycling technologies transform the way coins are handled. They change complex, timely tasks into fast, straight forward processes, ensuring that the count is accurate, every time. In one single module the CRF Coin Recycler offers a proven coin handling […] Read More

The CDE-1000 is a contactless card dispenser, designed for applications where card capture is not needed and the length of the unit is critical. The CD card dispenser series covers a diverse range of applications from plastic and paper credit card size to pull-tab, break-open style tickets and scratch cards. Utilising the CD-1000 range dispensing […] Read More

Like every business these days, we understand the value of great product videos. They offer an informative 360 degree view and detailed information on key products and services. Our first video features one of our most popular products in the escalator hopper range, and is part of a series of show reels from Asahi Seiko’s […] Read More

Our commitment has always been to provide our customers with the best products and service, which is why we have invested a huge amount of time and money into the launch of our brand new website. Since Asahi Seiko was founded, we have expanded our business of producing, distributing, exporting and importing all manner of […] Read More

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