The smart card technology transition

Smart card technology is replacing the magnetic strip. Why? The main reason for this is that smart cards are extremely secure and are used worldwide in applications where the security and privacy of information are critical requirements. They also hold more data – and we all need more of that, right!


Smart cards, called so because they contain a chip, have long been touted as a safer alternative to the old-fashioned magnetic stripe-bearing cards.

We understand that this type of technology will be mainstream in the future, but the transition isn’t sudden. The costs involved in switching are high. Thankfully though, we offer smart card reader capability to our magnetic MCH units <> .

Specifically designed for simple integration into a host machine; this product forms the total card handling solution for any system where cards are processed, giving you the perfect hybrid unit (while the inevitable smart card transition is happening).

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Did you know:
Magnetic strips have been around since the ’60s and they actually use the same technology as cassette tapes.

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