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Since its founding, Asahi Seiko has expanded its business of producing, distributing, exporting and importing all manner of coin and card handling equipment including coin selectors, coin hoppers, and card dispensing mechanisms.

These products have been widely adopted by many industries including vending, gaming amusement, and transportation.  Applications for these products include coin-operated amusement games, vending machines, slot machines, communications equipment, transportation facilities and POS devices.

Asahi Seiko’s products have received the highest praise and maintain an excellent reputation for quality and reliability by our many customers around the world.

Mission Statement

Asahi Seiko product lines satisfy the diversified needs of our customers.

Our mission statement of Partnership through trust and technology means that we will continue to supply our customers with the highest quality and the most accurate and reliable products on the market today.

The diverse applications for coin and card handling mechanisms demand a new approach to research and development.  More compact sizes, faster response times and the ability to adapt to a variety of world coin and currency have challenged Asahi Seiko to more aggressively pursue solutions to customer needs.

Through partnership, our customers can continue to trust Asahi Seiko to meet or exceed their need for the most technologically advanced products available for their applications.


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