Company History

Founded in 1969 by Hiroshi Abe, Asahi Seiko Co. Ltd. (ASC) quickly established itself as a leader in the design and development of a broad range of coin handling equipment and related coin mechanisms and devices. Adapting to market changes and customer needs, Asahi Seiko expanded rapidly into a full range of top tier, precision engineered card handling systems.

Through exceptional dedication to quality, innovation and customer service, the reputation and customer demand grew beyond the Japanese and Asian markets.  World class product design, best in breed manufacturing processes and customer satisfaction awards have provided the foundation for world-wide growth in company and product reputation.

Established in 1989 in Las Vegas, NV, Asahi Seiko USA, Inc. (ASI) was created to service the growing needs of the North and South American markets.  Headed by President Kazuya “Kaz” Abe, his leadership focused the resources in the Gaming and Vending sectors among others.  ASI promptly secured a market leadership position and became the supplier of choice for many of the most distinguished Gaming OEMS over the last 10 to 15 years.

Current and future growth is sustained and fueled by other high growth markets such as self-service kiosks in a wide array of industries, such as transportation, ATMs, vending and amusement.  More complex and customer driven card handling systems provide the market with the best components to deploy and deliver maximum value to their customers – be they OEMS, system integrators, designers and fabricators or lastly and most important the transactional and service experience of the end user customer themselves.

To further support rapid growth and the needs of even broader customer markets and demands, Asahi Seiko Europe (ASE) was founded in 1994 in Kent, England.  Under the leadership of Chris Sutton as General Manager, this operation has pursued an aggressive, customer focused strategy to capitalize on the unique and diverse markets throughout Europe.  Today, ASE not only offers the traditional and enhanced product lines of Asahi Seiko Japan, but has invested heavily to create their own innovative R&D group, product design and manufacturing capability to directly serve the greater European markets and the world at large.

In addition, ASE has made recent and impressive entrees into the design, system integration and manufacture of full system self-service Kiosks.


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