Q) Are Asahi Seiko products Plug-and-Play?

A) Our new Card Dispenser series such as the SCD-2500 & MCH-3000 have USB interfaces and related drivers, as well as support documentation. The remaining Asahi Seiko products require the user to provide the interface or control electronics; we can provide the electrical interface documentation for these as well.

Q) On some AC motors, there are three (3) wires; red, blue and white. Which wires do I use?

A) This motor is equipped to operate on either a 60Hz source, use the blue and white wires. When using a 50Hz source, use the red and white wires. In either case, terminate the unused wire with a closed-end splice to eliminate an electrical hazard.

Q) Can Asahi Seiko products be configured to accept/dispense multiple types of coins/tokens/cards?

A) The EH-750 coin hopper can dispense coins within a specific range.  All other units are coin/token specific.  Please contact our Sales Department for your specific needs.

Q) Can Asahi Seiko products be customized to fit my application?

A) Yes, in most cases.  Please contact our Sales Department for your specific needs.

Q) Can the escalator from a coin hopper be converted to dispense a different denomination than it was originally configured for?

A) No, escalators are coin specific and cannot be reconfigured.

Q) Are Asahi Seiko products available for foreign coins/tokens?

A) Yes, the majority of Asahi Seiko products are available for foreign coins/tokens.

Q) Why might I have to supply the coins/tokens/cards for my order?

A) If you place an order for a configuration that Asahi Seiko has not produced before, it may take more time to fill your order due to the added design time needed. Since you, the customer, is already aware of the type of article to be dispensed, it helps to shorten the amount of time the order is delayed if the customer can supply samples.

Q) Have Asahi Seiko products been tested to comply with international safety standards?

A) Most of our products have undergone some form of testing in compliance with international safety regulations.
We can provide you with the appropriate Certificates of Compliance, UL/CSA File Number, and European RoHS & WEEE Directive upon request.

Q) Can your company perform repairs on coin hoppers and card dispensers?

A) Yes.  Please contact our Sales Department and they will familiarize you with our RMA process.

Q) How do I establish an account with you?

A) Our Sales Department will set up an account suitable for your needs.

As always, we welcome all forms of inquires, concerns or comments from our Customers. Please contact us anytime!

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