WH-2/U1 Escalator Hopper

The WH-2 narrow coin hopper is now available with escalator. This hopper is an escalator version of our popular WH-2. Being only 85mm wide makes it the smallest escalator hopper in the world. Its size enables it to fit conveniently into limited space of almost any cabinet.


  • This hopper uses a special “scraper” mechanism to produce one of the fastest dispenses in the range. The WH-2/U1 is the only model in this range with an escalator which permits payout at a level higher than that of the hopper.
  • BRAKE CONTROL BOARD (Optional Parts)
  • WH-2/U1 24VDC version can be combined with special brake control board Model: DCMB-9101A for an extra level of security.
  • Custom models available please consult an Asahi Seiko Representative.
WH-2-U1-main (1)

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Applicable Coin Sizes: Diameter: 19.0mm ~ 28.5mm | 1.3mm ~ 2.3mm
Coin Capacity (Examples): US 5¢: 900 | US 25¢: 700
Dispensing Speed: Approximately above 600 coins/minute (Dispensing speed may vary depending on motor gearbox deceleration ratio or coin specifications)
Coin Counting Method: Proximity Sensor
Motor Voltage: Rated24VDC | Rated current: under 950mA (max. 3.8A peak) | Rated Time: Continuous
Rated Voltage: 115VAC | Rated Current: 4.0A (50Hz)/4.3(60Hz) Rated Time: 5 minutes
Current Consumption: 115VAC: 3.2A | 24VDC: 3.2A (when stopping operation)
Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C
Weight: Approx. 8.30 lbs. (AC Motor Specification) | Approx. 5.87 lbs. (DC Motor Specification)