The CR-8000V vertical coin recycler features bulk entry with full 8 coin capability. A Removable collection box is fitted. An optional entry bezel and payout tray are also available. Designed for incorporation into an Integrated/OEM solution the unit can either be controlled through a USB or RS-232 interface.


    • Bulk Coin Capacity: 20 Coins Bulk Insertion (0.25 USD)
    • Coin Accept Speed: 3 Coins / Second
    • Recycled Denominations: Five (5) Denominations
    • Coin Output Speed: 9.99 USD 0.25 (14 coins) in 4 Seconds
    • *Figures based on USD Denomination



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Coin Dimensions: Diameter – Max 16.3mm – 25.8mm, Thickness – Max 1.6mm – 2.4mm
Accepted Denominations: USD (1.0 USDx220, 0.25 USDx250, 0.10 USDx500, 0.05 USDx360, 0.01 USDx450)
Overflow Function: Transfer to Overflow Box / Optional Chute
Overflow Box Capacity: 120 (0.25 USD) coins
Collection Box Capacity: 2000 Coins (0.25 USD)
Size: 224 (W) x 530 (D) x 666 (H)
Weight: 79 lbs
External IF: RS232C x1, USB Port x1
Noise Level: 65dB (Max)
Power Consumption: 32W (operation), 12Amp (Peak)
Supply Voltage: 24v DC ± 1.0V