The CD card dispenser series covers a diverse range of applications from plastic telephone cards and paper debit cards to pull-tab, break open style tickets and scratch cards. These dispensers have an excellent reputation for high quality and reliability throughout the world. Used in a variety of applications including Transportation & Vending.


  • The CD-1100 model handles Pull Tab or Break Open tickets. It can dispense cards of varying thickness and holds up to 1,000 pieces in an easy load cartridge.
  • The CD-1300 is designed specifically for the redemption industry. It is an excellent alternative to redemption tickets.

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Applicable Cards: Pull Tab Card/ Break Open Ticket
Max. Card Width (mm): 46.0 ~ 49.0
Max. Card Length (mm): 82.0 ~ 92.0
Supply Voltage: 12VDC±10% or 24VDC±10%
Current Consumption: 0.1A (Idle) / 1.5A (Peak)