CRF Coin Recycler

Handling your cash so you can focus on growing your business.

Our sophisticated range of coin recycling technologies transform the way coins are handled. They change complex, timely tasks into fast, straight forward processes, ensuring that the count is accurate, every time.

In one single module the CRF Coin Recycler offers a proven coin handling solution; accepting customers’ coins in bulk, sorting to individual coin hoppers and providing change at the end of a transaction.

The CRF takes care of the coins so your cashiers can focus on the important thing: helping your customers. It is tamper-proof, compact and it automatically counts and tracks the coins – transferring the information to the back office software. It really is that simple!

Benefits of the CRF coin Recycler include;

·         Lower Costs: Retailers that manage their cash well are more proactive about their business.

·         Improved Customer Service: Staying ahead of the competition is crucial.

·         Enhanced Security: With the CRF, cash is inaccessible and the risk of both robbery and internal theft is minimised.

·         Cleanliness: Reduced handling of coins aids with cleanliness especially in food retailing.

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In a TSYS 2014 Consumer Payments Study, in 2014 consumers still preferred to use cash <>  at fast food restaurants and coffee shops.
Do you still use cash for coffee purchases? Or is contactless your preferred payment method?


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