Cash – Consumer Support of ATMs Continues
New technologies are being introduced to banking every day, but the fact remains that customers still like ATMS. According to
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The Future of Travel Payments in the US
Technology has altered the way travellers interact with travel providers. There’s been a move away from the one-off, desktop driven
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Laundromats: Simplifying The Lives of Millions
Laundromats have a well-established history. They sprang to prominence in the 1940s, modernizing and simplifying the lives of millions with
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New Ways of Vending Media
Many companies have started to use new forms of vending their media. The change is in response to the rise
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Are arcades still a viable business?
The first popular “arcade games” included early games such as shooting galleries, ball-toss games, and the earliest coin-operated machines, such
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The smart card technology transition
Smart card technology is replacing the magnetic strip. Why? The main reason for this is that smart cards are extremely
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Why Cash is still King
Cash remains the most popular form of payment, with 57% of people preferring to use notes and coins to cards,
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Time is a consumers most important currency
Self-service payments have experienced a huge surge in popularity over the past few years, with self-service technology having transformed entire
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Smart Tokens – the smart choice?
Smart cards are a normal part of daily life for us all, but what about smart tokens? You know, those
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