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DH-750/U1 Escalator Hopper

DH-750/U1 Escalator Hopper

Our Largest Coin Escalator Hopper

Originally manufactured for Bar Top and Slant Top Gaming Machines, the DH-750/U1 can now be used for many other applications.  This escalator hopper is ideal for large coin applications, where the payout needs to be higher than the hopper bowl.


The DH-750/U1 allows customers the flexibility to design around their requirements.  They can choose exit direction, voltage, counting method and coin level detection as standard options.  Custom height requirements can also be requested as a special option.

Asahi Seiko designed this escalator hopper with the field service industry in mind.  In the event a coin jam occurs, service techs can simply loosen the screws to clear without damaging any parts that would otherwise require replacement.  The use of our patented Coin Back Flow® system prevents coins from flowing back down the escalator causing miscounts and frequent coin jams.


Custom models available please consult an Asahi Seiko Representative.

General Specifications

Applicable Coin Sizes: Diameter: 21.0mm ~ 38.0mm | Thickness: 1.5mm ~ 2.5mm

Coin Capacity (Examples):  US   5¢:  1,300 | US 25¢:  1,000 | $1 Token:  300

Dispensing Speed (Approximate):  US 5¢ -  400 coins/minute* | US 25¢ - 380 coins/minute | US $1  -  200 coins/minute
*Dispensing speed may vary depending on motor gearbox deceleration ratio or coin specifications.

Coin Counting Method: Proximity Sensor or Microswitch

Motor Voltage:  24VDC, 115VAC & 220VAC*
*AC Models equipped with Thermal Protection & Instant Stop Device.

Current Consumption:  3.0A

Operating Temperature:  -10°C ~ +60°C

Weight:  Approx. 12.28 lbs. (AC Motor Specification)

DH-750/U1 Escalator Hopper

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